Buy Raspberries now, pick in Autumn

Pick your own raspberries next autumn and know what flavour is. Raspberry variety Autumn Bliss fruits on 1st year canes so that canes you buy raspberries today, plant them and they will be fruiting next March. The same canes will continue to ripen fruit right through autumn and into winter. Enjoy up to 5 months of fruit! And when the fruiting eventually stops all the canes can be cut back. The new shoots that grow up next spring and summer will fruit the following autumn. What could be simpler?

Buy Raspberries from Perry's. We have two varieties to choose from.

Buy Raspberries from Perry’s. We have two varieties to choose from.

Raspberry plants like soils high in organic content. So incorporate plenty of compost prior to planting. Also, keep the plants well mulched in summer to keep the roots cool and active, to conserve moisture and provide extra organic matter. Raspberry can be set back by summer heat. Place the bed where extra shade can be provided with a temporary shadecloth cover for the worst weeks of summer. Morning sun is best and afternoon shade helps keep your plants in good order.

Raspberries grow upright stems which can be supported by post or horizontal trellis. The trellis can be a single wire about 80cm high. The idea is to pin the stems to the wire so that the weight of fruit does not cause the stem to lie in the soil.

We sell two types of Raspberry, Autumn Bliss for fruit from February till June and Chilcotin which fruits in summer.

We have nice strong dormant bare rooted stems
now for $10 each or 5 for $40 or 10 for $55.

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