Grapes are Hardy and Easy to Grow

Our climate suits grapes well. We have enough chill to force them into proper dormancy in winter, a dry atmosphere during the growing period to counter various wetness diseases and plenty of warmth and sunshine to ripen the fruit in autumn.

Grapes are hardy. Once well established in areas with a good winter rainfall they will bare good crops with little extra watering.

Grapes are almost always supported by a trellis. This can be as simple as a single horizontal wire or timber or a single pole. The trellis can be any size, even down to a square metre in area.  Your vines will be pruned to fit the space available. You can do this. But, remember that grapes like plenty of sunlight and air movement to do their best.

Now is prime grape planting season and we have a big range of varieties to choose from. It is easy to buy yourself a good grape. Pick one of the 18 varieties from the poster in the nursery, or just choose one or both of these:

Centennial and Blush Seedless. Buy and plant grapes now. We can deliver!

Centennial and Blush Seedless. Buy and plant grapes now. We can deliver!

Centennial Seedless

Large seedless white grape with sweet berries and a hint of muscat flavour. Ladies Finger shaped berries form a large well filled bunch that ripens February to March.

Blush Seedless

Crisp red oval shaped berries in well filled bunches that hold late into the season. Enjoy from march until may.

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