Hazelnut Trees

Hazelnut Trees are a bit more demanding than most other nut trees. It does best in cool, moist and deep soils in a climate that gets cold in winter and not too hot in summer.

Our Wo

Our staff tending the the Hazelnut Trees.

They do best in the cooler parts of the state such as the Adelaide Hills and South East.

They are frost hardy so will tolerate gullies and creek lines that give some shelter from the summer northerlies.

Hazelnut Trees can be grown au naturel, that is with multiple suckering stems. That is their natural habit. Or, they can be kept free of suckers and grown into stately trees.

Male and female Hazelnut flowers are borne on the same tree but have very different form. The female is a tiny marone filamentous feather that emerges from dormant buds in the middle of winter. The pollen is borne on catkins. The trick is to get a combination of varieties that have pollen shedding catkins at the same time as the female flowers are out.

We have superb hazelnut trees ready to sell now. They have massive root systems and can be expected to grow fast and produce nuts within a few years.

We like to plant trees in trios of varieties to maximize the chance of fruit set.

The varieties are; Wanliss Pride, Hall’s Giant and Cosford.

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