At last we have Chestnut Trees

At Last! We have Chestnut trees. Our grower has struggled to produce stock over the last few years due to quarantine regulations. Now all has been resolved and we can sell trees again.

There are three varieties available for $59 each.

Plant at least two for cross pollination.
Varieties available are:
Bouche De Betizac. A medium sized nut of good flavour that roasts well.
April Gold. Medium sized nut of good flavour that roasts well.
Red Spanish. Very large nut of good flavour that boils well.

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4 thoughts on “At last we have Chestnut Trees

  1. Hi, I want to enquire about pistachio nuts. how many female plants it needs for male plants. if I get 10 plants 2male and 8 female do you think that will be alrigth and how much it cost me. Thanks and regards,

  2. Hi,
    Just wondering if you have Jujube trees available at the moment. I am from Sydney, is it possible to be posted to my place. If it’s not the good season, please advise which month is better for the trees. Thanks.



  3. Yes That’s me! I enquire before, I’m still interested to buy pistachio nut tree. When is the best time to plant or to buy them.
    Kind regards,

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