Pistachio Trees for Sale

Perry’s Fruit & Nut Nursery has pistachio trees for sale. And, we can ship them today!

So buy and plant your trees this winter, water them in thoroughly with no need to water again until spring. Apply a little of a top quality fertilizer such as Rustica Plus now and again in August.

Pistachio are beautiful, deciduous, hardy trees. They grow to about 5m if unpruned. Regular trimming in winter and summer will keep trees to a manageable size for easy netting.

Space trees at between 2 and 4m in most gardens although they can be planted in the same hole. Ask us about possible variations on spacing.

We have beautiful young pistachio tree of both male and female pistachio trees for sale for $79 each.

We have beautiful young pistachio tree of both male and female pistachio trees for sale for $79 each.

Male and female flowers are borne on separate trees, so plant two trees to get pollination and fruit set.

The ripening fruit bunches are an attractive pink colour which enhances the look of the tree during the summer ripening period. The nuts are ready to pick in late February.

Growing conditions:

Pistachio trees are quite tolerant of limestone, sandy and clay soils as long as they are not waterlogged for an extended time. They become very drought hardy although nut yield will increase if trees are watered. They will grow on water that may be too salty for many other trees. Find out more on our growing pistachios fact sheet.

Pistachio Trees for Sale $79 each.

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7 thoughts on “Pistachio Trees for Sale

  1. Hai. Myname is mega from Bali, Indonesia. Do you delivery order pistachio tree to Infonesia ? Or do you have information about where I can find pistachio tree in my country Indonesia ? Thank you very much for your help. I looking foward from you.

    1. Pistachio trees require a very cold winter. Indonesia has no winter at all. So they won’t grow there.

  2. Hi, my question can you shipp pistachio trees to Croatia, I am looking for Vera female cultivar Kerman 2 trees, Vera cultivar peters 1 trees. Thanks.

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