Why Perry’s

The Perry’s Advantage

When you purchase your trees from Perry’s, you get peace of mind that can only come with excellence and quality.

  • 35 years experience
  • Expert advice
  • Quality control
  • Healthiest trees
  • Local produce


Bare Roots are Best

We put in the early yards to ensure your trees grow well and yield a tasty and productive crop.

Before you select your deciduous trees, we care for them as though they were our babies. Using techniques that many nurseries have forgotten, we keep our bare rooted trees dormant in sand beds where their roots stay moist and can be checked regularly for optimum health.

Bare rooted trees are are easier to plant, their roots establish faster and this makes them more drought hardy in time for their first Summer. With so many benefits, bare roots make happy trees and happy growers.

Note: bare rooted trees can only be planted in the winter.